In an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments, the question about hiring talents is no longer just about competencies but also the potential of a candidate. Through rigorous screening, our experienced recruiters are committed to helping you fulfill your human capital needs. Our goal is to ensure that the talents that you hire contribute to your company's vision and growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance human capital for your organisation by sourcing for the right talent. We aim to share with you the quality gems that we have discovered whom we feel is suited to your organisational goals.

Our Services

We assist to source and place driven individuals that match the hiring needs of your organisation. Let us know if you are looking for permanent staffing or temporary and contract staffing. A huge pool of talented gems across the different industries are readily available for matching.

Looking to hire the most competent pilots?

Are you from the aviation industry looking to hire pilots and aviation personnel? Get in touch with us for a comprehensive and rigorous recruitment and selection process. We offer an end-to-end recruitment and selection services to help you hire the most qualified pilots, benchmarking against the best in the industry. We understand that hiring pilots is a stressful task, and you do not want to get it wrong. Leave it to us to source the most capable and competent aviators for you.

What can GEMS Recruit do for you?

1. Take care of your job ads and posting - just let us know your criteria
2. Conduct a comprehensive psychometric assessment (online and offline) by a qualified psychologist to ensure that your candidates have the aptitude required for an outstanding pilot.
3. Provide IT infrastructure to support end-to-end recruitment services from the application, tracking, assessment reports to interview selection
4. Source for highly experienced and qualified aviation experts to be on the assessors' panel
5. Assess the candidates based on ICAO CBTA (Competency-based training and assessment) to assess the candidate's ability to achieve the Observable Behavioural Markers
6. Partner with flight simulator provider to evaluate candidates' flying skills
7. Coordinate for candidates to take an Aviation English Competency Test

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Our Values

People Centric

We believe that the recruitment business is ultimately a people business. You deserve quality candidates who have the right aptitude and attitude , and have the potential to contribute to your organisation.

We only recommend talented gems whom we believe will be able to shine and maximise their potentials if given the right opportunities and training.

Potential Focused

The knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics of an individual are important factors in determining the suitability in a job matching. Aside from technical skills, when sourcing for a potential hire, we look for certain indicators to evaluate the potential of a person such as the right kind of motivation, willingness to learn, and individual goals and ambitions.

Service Excellence

We view recruitment as a collaborative journey and a partnership with both our clients and candidates. We are committed to ensure that both our clients and talents' time, money and efforts that they have invested in the journey will reap rewards.

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